Our State is witnessing vagaries in severe epidemic like dengue, unforeseen natural calamities like Cyclone Ockhi, escalation of deadly diseases like cancer and a number of communicable diseases, conditions like drought, fall in agriculture produce and also other environmental issues like accumulation of plastic and e-waste. Due to the current climatic scenario and the corresponding environmental disturbances we are facing consistently, especially in Thiruvananthapuram, it’s time a long time mitigation process need to be in place. We, the citizens of Thiruvananthapuram under the umbrella of various groups, political and social leaders wish your association in launching an ambitious project to create a network of environmentally and financially sustainable social entrepreneurship and volunteer activity models.

The commercial establishments of Thiruvananthapuram have taken the leadership to gather the volunteers and social workers to create a platform in association with the District Administration to mitigate the immediate threat due to the global warming by reducing carbon footprint. The project is named as C5 - Change Can Change Climate Change. Project C5 is envisioned as a revolutionary social movement in which 1000’s of volunteers and professionals across Thiruvananthapuram district will fight against the social and environmental hazards, thereby practicing a sustainable lifestyle. The project is conceived by giving enough emphasis for environmental sustainability, gender equality, physical and mental fitness etc. C5 will be operated by creating financially sustainable and eco-friendly business models which will be seed funded by CSR initiatives. The District Collector’s Internship Programme (DCIP) will identify socially conscious youth and provide them opportunity to get trained and implement such sustainable business models.

Through the implementation of this project, the district of Thiruvananthapuram aspires to be a beacon of change that will guide many people and organisations towards a better future. The project will be operated by creating financially sustainable eco-friendly business models which will be seed funded by CSR initiatives. Every component will operate as Strategic Business Unit’s and will thrive for self sustainability in a few years time.