The origin of a Revolution

Change Can Change Climate Change (C5) Foundation is a not-for-profit Section 8 Company (Companies Act 2013) which focuses to tackle the problem of human-induced climate change by both adaptation and mitigation tools through green business models.  It is a social incubation platform where various social entrepreneurship models are design, implement, and validated aligned with United Nations sustainable development goals (SDG). C5 was originally founded as a citizen initiative and a social movement in which young volunteers and professionals will fight against the social and environmental hazards, thereby practicing a sustainable lifestyle.

C5 foundation runs numerous projects in multiple domains such organic farming, responsible tourism, green event management, sustainable waste management, and urban afforestation.  C5 also conducts awareness campaigns on various mitigation and adaptation techniques to solve the problem of climate change.  C5 had created an ecosystem which will develop market requirement for environmentally sustainable products and processes.  Eventually, C5 will create an umbrella of various political, social leaders, student communities, and civil society practitioners to create a network of environmentally and financially sustainable social entrepreneurship and volunteer activity models.

Our Mission

To influence and inspire individuals, institutions and communities to practice a sustainable lifestyle as a tool to tackle human induced climate change.

Our Objectives

Urban Afforestation

Healthy Foods

Healthy Lifestyle

Resource Management

Responsible Travel

Waste Management