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C5 tries to mentor and train development professionals who are deeply concerned about the current social and development issues.  We look for young graduates, who can work independently among the community with high empathic skills. We also look out for mid-career professionals who can adapt to difficult working environments, undertake challenging projects, and willing to take risks in designing and running development programmes that could make a huge impact in the society. 

Since C5 foundation acts as a social incubation platform for potential social entrepreneurs, all our staff will get the first hand experience in incorporation, stakeholder management, administration, fundraising, and community engagement of various projects operating under the initiative.

If interested, please send in your latest resumes to [email protected]


Internship at C5

C5 Foundation provides internship opportunities for students and professionals from diverse academic disciplines such as management, arts, science and technology, agriculture etc to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and augment their learning.   C5 provides learning opportunities by placing the aspiring interns in various projects and fields, which can enable them to contribute the communities with which the projects are associated. C5 foundation will provide guidance and support. When you intern with us, we will make sure that you get hands-on experience in designing and implementing creative solutions to various problems associated with the local communities.

Internship Structure:

  1.  Duration: 90 working days (Sunday Holiday)
  2. Full-time and part-time modules with in-house and online projects
  3. Ideal for graduates in any discipline. Age no bar.
  4. Voluntary & paid internship available as per the projects
  5. Financial assistance for project initiation.


If interested, please write to us at: [email protected]