Our History

How the idea came into being

Change Can Change Climate Change (C5) initiative is one-of-a-kind citizen initiative in India founded to tackle climate change exclusively through green business models and social enterprises.  It was originally co-founded by Pelican Foundation, Builders Association of India (BAI) Society, and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala state. Various other voluntary organisations, student communities, and business establishments were partners and stakeholders of this initiative.  C5 started its operations under the auspices of the then district magistrate Dr Vasuki IAS who wholeheartedly supported this initiative by training socially conscious youth through District Collectors Internship Programme (DCIP) and provide them the opportunity to become the potential social entrepreneurs in future. The DCIP interns were the founding employees and volunteer coordinators of C5 initiative.  Honourable minister in charge of Thiruvananthapuram and district magistrate became the honorary mentors of this initiative.

C5 was envisioned as a social movement in which thousands of volunteers and professionals will fight against the social and environmental hazards, thereby practicing a sustainable lifestyle. This initiative was conceived by giving enough emphasis for environmental sustainability, gender equality, skill development, community wellbeing, physical and mental fitness etc. C5 was operated by creating financially sustainable and eco-friendly business models which was seed funded by CSR agencies.

C5 initiative was able to create huge impact in the society and was highly successful as a sustainable volunteer development platform which was recognised by national and international agencies including United Nations.  Due to the necessity of institutionalising this huge pool of youth potential, it was decided to convert C5 initiative as an independent legal entity with new organisational, operational, and management structure.