In response to increasing instances of social and environmental problems of tourism, a range of sustainability initiatives such as alternative tourism, ecotourism, ethical tourism, green tourism, soft tourism, pro-poor tourism, geo tourism, integrated tourism, community-based tourism, etc. emerged in the tourism literature. Responsible tourism is closely linked to these concepts. It is a form of tourism which respect the host’s natural, built and cultural environments and the interest of all parties concerned.

This project aims at promoting the concept of Responsible Tourism by conducting such tour packages thereby showcasing the importance of this concept in the climate change scenario. It also focuses on creating livelihoods for the host community without affecting the natural eco-system of a tourist place thereby creating an alternative model of sustainable development. The project team will be creating village experience packages with the mentoring and training of Responsible Tourism Mission, a nodal agency of State Government of Kerala. While conducting these tourist packages, the team will ensure that the carbon footprint of the visit is kept least or zero by promoting public transport system, adopting green protocol (avoiding disposables) etc.