Ranging from major crowd gatherings like melas and sports events to personal family gatherings, many occasions give colour to our societal life. However, after the glamour of the event is over, post the satiating feast, the amount of waste generated is no pleasing statistic to look at. Through Green Event Management, C5 plans to implement the Green Protocol for events. By selecting green vendors, locally sourcing bio degradable materials, and planning the event around the green objective, the aim is to reduce the overall carbon footprint, without really reducing the shine of the function.

Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals: Responsible consumption and production, Climate action, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure; the key project objectives are:

  • To reduce the carbon footprint of an event by adopting green protocol (zero waste) concept.
  • Promoting people to adopt an ecofriendly and sustainable way of conducting events based on the green protocol standards.
  • Building the capability to manage events like company dinners, conferences, weddings and receptions, melas and stadium events.
  • Reduce the amount of non biodegradable waste generated and responsibly manage the waste.
  • Exhibit the ability of conducting events with green protocol standards and building self reliance by encouraging local economies.
  • To conduct green audit and rates the event based on the ecological impact.
  • Acknowledges people’s commitment towards a green future through certification from Suchitwa Mission or District Administration.